Like every other Home Counties common white girl, I grew up with the luxury of Sky TV (or at least, I was surrounded by friends who did) And what did Sky mean? Disney. Sky meant Disney. Around the tender age of 11 I was introduced to the world of Disney Channel, and boy did this Becky never look back.

Demi Lovato, star of Camp Rock, Sonny with a Chance and an International pop sensation. The first time, like many others, I saw Demi was her weird appearance as a gap toothed b*tch in As The Bell Rings. I didn’t care for her. Nothing was special. That was, until Camp Rock came. And from then- I was hooked.

So when Demi released ‘Simply Complicated’ I (literally) sacked all other plans and dedicated to spending the evening learning more about my queen.

Simply Complicated follows Demi’s journey through her Disney career, going off the rails and finally finishing with a testimony to her 5 year sobriety. As someone who thought they knew a lot about this girl, I was shocked and quite honestly heart broken to hear Demi re-tell stories of her at her worst. Learning the real story of her punching her back up dancer, her constant reliance of cocaine and the constant pain she felt every day was honestly… eye opening.

For this Becky, the hardest part was hearing her admit to using during her Staying Strong campaign. Being coked up when recording interviews preaching about the importance of being healthy, and releasing my favourite Demi music of all time. To learn that the woman behind all of this was broken and falling apart, whilst we were all under the illusion she got it back together- it really just did something for me.

I could go on for hours about this, and not just because I love this woman, but I truly believe that this documentary has shed light on the stigma of talking about mental health problems. I do genuinely think this can encourage other celebrities to do the same and help shift the view that mental health is not something we are able to talk about.

Here at sassybecky we are all about staying sassy, seeing the good and the fun in every situation and loving yourself. Just like Demi is. But we are also here to place a real importance on the things that are quickly being forgotten in this millennial age. The importance of being grateful, being mindful and being considerate to not only others but your physical and mental well being. Hopefully as this documentary takes off, others will follow suit and each and every day it will be more normal and less scary to talk about this things that really need to be spoken about. 

So Demi, thank you. Thank you for teaching us that it’s okay to not be okay. And that it’s normal to have bad days. And that what we see isn’t always what is happening. Thank you for showing people the real you.

xoxo Becky

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in Demi’s documentary, please contact the following sites for support:

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