Ever been stuck in the library working hard so you can play even harder and wishing you had some SIK tunez to be listening to? Well look no further, Becky’s got you.

Now we know you can’t listen to the likes of a f*ck you sassybecky playlist, otherwise the shapes you would be cutting in the lib would probably get you kicked out. BUT you’re not also going to be that basic and listen to Mozart whilst you sip you’re overpriced iced vanilla latte that you’ve convinced yourself is the only way you’ll be able to get work done….


  1. Bouff Daddy- J HUS (not only does this one make you seem really cool, it’s actually a decent song)
  2. Over- Drake (we are big believers in that meme that requires you to put on that gansta rap and get sh*t DONE)
  3. Rihanna- Yxng Bane 
  4. Where Was U? – blackbear (his name literally doesn’t even have a capital letter because he’s that cool)
  5. up in this (with Tinashe- blackbear ft. Tinashe (this will either make you feel like the baddest girl boss every or you’ll definitely start vibing along and won’t be able to get any work done)
  6. Talk Is Overrated- Jeremy Zucker 
  7. Erase Your Social- Lil Uzi Vert (even if this just inspires you to delete your social media whilst trying to work)
  8. Come and See Me (ft Drake)- PARTYNEXTDOOR
  9. Let Me Explain- Bryson Tiller
  10. Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe- Kendrick Lamar

So there it is, a definitive list of the 10 songs that should provide you with the ‘gansta rap’ need to get you to put your hair in a bun, drink some iced coffee and HANDLE IT!

Or maybe I just had to write this post to motivate myself… who knows

xoxo (a very stressed) Becky

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