Introducing a brand new feature to, Becky playlists. I know, I know, you ask, we listen! The first instalment, and to be frank probably the most important because who doesn’t get pissed off with a f*ck boy every single day of the week, Becky’s ‘F*CK YOU’ playlist (part 1 of….. honestly, too many)


  1. for when f*ck boys are, well… f*cking (and not f*cking you to be precise)
  2. for when that ex thinks he can post a pic of him and his new HA girl HA friend HA Ha Hahahaha…… *inaudible crying*
  3. when he likes another b*tches Instagram 🙂 don’t u f*ckin dare m8 
  4. when he LEAVES just after f*cking you with NO explanation except it’s f*cking BOYS NIGHT (tune in next week for a whole post dedicated to that absolute stupidity that is bloody BOYS NIGHT)


  1. New Rules- Dua Lipa (I mean honestly, if you only have time for one it’s obviously going to be this. I mean, to be honest just put this on repeat for a few hours and you’ll be good to go. Quite frankly this should be your alarm song, your in the shower song, your walking to uni song. Eat, sleep and BREATH this ANTHEM for the Becky’s.
  2. Shout Out to My Ex- Little Mix (duh)
  3. M.I.L.F- Fergie 
  4. Really Don’t Care- Demi Lovato (because u really don’t f*cking CARE)
  5. How To Be A Heartbreaker- Marina & the Diamonds
  6. Cruel- The Veronicas
  7. BO$$- Fifth Harmony
  8. Confident- Demi Lovato (a certain housemate can vouch I played this for 3 months straight after a f*ck boy incident in 2nd year)
  9. Woman Up- Meghan Trainor 
  10. Reflection- Fifth Harmony


Am I shocked these are all female artists? Honestly, no. 

Women empowering women, am I right ladies? 

Now can I get a HOYAAAAS?

xoxo (from a slightly tipsy) Becky

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