No Becky wakes up every morning feeling bad and boujee… realistically we wake up with fake tan all over our sheets, retainer in and the weave looking like something out of Trolls. So here are 5 simple steps to add into your morning routine to make sure you SLAY the day away and be the best Becky you can possibly be.


Oh it sounds so simple, but try it once and trust me it’s hard. As soon as your 7am alarm goes off, DON’T hit snooze. Sit up, prop yourself up on your pillow and turn on any form of mood lighting (ambient fairy lights work wonders for this). You’ll trick your body into waking up before you know it, and ease yourself into your morning routine.


Stop that alarm, and put on whatever music or guided meditation if you’re into all that sh*t and then LEAVE that phone. Not only will you save yourself time, but you’ll start your day grounded and stop yourself becoming a slave to social media.


What? Beyonce? Yeah got your attention didn’t I. No, the Queen herself won’t appear but you can do the next best thing and pretend to be her, right? Rumour has it Beycone drinks lemon water mixed with cayenne pepper every morning to boost her metabolism. The pepper will give you a (huge) kick and wake you up before you even had a chance to say ‘I woke up like this’.

And if Queen B’s doing it? We’re going to do it too. 


This one again seems so simple, but oh the pleasure you get out of a morning stretch and crack of all those parts of your body that definitely shouldn’t be making that noise is ridiculous. Give yourself just 2 minutes to wake up your body and get it moving again.


Now this depends on the Becky you are. You may plan out your day as part of your evening ritual, or you may do it in the morning. Or, if you’re a psycho like me, you do both. But take time to focus on what your day is going to be like. Mentally prepare yourself and use this time to manifest literal #postivevibes into your life. Go one step further and write down three things your grateful for too. You best believe once you get into the habit of visualising and practicing gratitude, it’ll start changing your life.

And there they are, 5 super simply steps to add into your morning routine that will you make you continue your day feeling like the sassiest *I 100% feel like I’ve got my sh*t together when I definitely haven’t* Becky that ever did walk this earth.

xoxo Becky

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