Chantel Jeffries

Hey guys, it’s Chantel, back at it again. This rose-to-fame-due-to-JB-turned-beauty-blogger-and-youtuber is an important part of the Becky Youtube list. She is not only gorgeous, but spends time vlogging with fellow vlogger Alissa Violet and produces music. She is about to drop three FIYA tunes that she keeps hinting on Snap (they are SO good). If you want to keep up with a vegan, iced coffee drinking, LA apartment owning bombshell,  head to


Alissa Violet

Ah, the first Becky to ever teach me self-confidence. Seriously. Alissa single-handedly brought confidence and happiness out of my pre-Becky soul. She is hilarious, she is strong, she is beautiful, and she is a great role model. I recommend watching all of her vlogs (which she started exactly one year ago this week actually) in which you will watch her being an angel amongst a load of snakes including her neeky ex, and teaching Beckys everywhere to be yourself and be loud and be ADHD and be uncaring of what others think. Becky royalty right here.


 Shani Grimmond

Australian Becky Shani is adorably weird and full of INSANE makeup tutes that can take you from gorgeously plain Becky to glowed up Becky in 9 mins. She has everything from bronze goddess tutorials to boob job vlogs and she own two very cute pups that add to the allure. She’s always happy and watching her vids will give your pre-going-out-routine some extra fuego.


Katya Henry

 She’s a new addition to the Yewtewbs, but she is freaking HOT (and has 94737382929 insta followers). I would turn for her, I would do dirty things for her and I want to be her. She has a very cute personality, dances to Chris Brown like we all do in our own kitchen, and she loves avocado as much as the next Becky does. She’s the Becky that will grow your peach for you, and yes, her vlogs are gym based- but let’s face it, we need a bit of gym time giwls, so just enjoy it and enjoy looking @ her ass.


 So there you have it, a list of all the queen Becky’s that should be watched whilst attempting to get the Kim K butt on the stairs machine at the gym, slyly put on in the library when you’re meant to be doing your coursework and for that all needed relaxation ‘zen’ sesh in the bath.

Stay sassy,

xoxo Becky

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